October 18

We just came back from the wonderful performance of Diata, Diata the African storytelling, dance, and drum group.  They were amazing!  Here is what a few of children put in their writing reflection in the short time we had to write,  “ One of the women told us all the stories.  She had very long hair and put emphasis on every word. “   “When we pretended to be on a boat and go fishing, I really felt like it.  I also felt that there was an alligator”. “I liked when the lady’s hair swung and the men played drums in the background”.  It was quite an authentic and interactive show!

In the classroom we have continued our study of Africa.  We are working on the maps and flags of the countries.  The children have enjoyed coloring the flags of the different countries and then visiting our Upper Elementary neighbor to borrow the Montessori fabric flags.  Our flag stand is getting full!  We took a mini field trip to our school’s flag pole to name the parts of a flag. 

We are finishing up the Simple Machine unit.  We have learned about the different class levers and the pulley (which is a type of lever.) This work will be put away soon to make room for the creation story and follow up experiments.  We will be studying the solar system next.  I have scheduled  a field trip to the Henry Hudson Planetarium in Albany on November 18th.

We enjoyed learning from Jonathan’s science experiment. He placed a bone, an egg, and a seashell in water and had another set of them in vinegar.  Ask your child what the results were !  October is the month to do science experiments and bring them in to share with the class. Anytime is fine. It is a great opportunity for your child to share with the group and practice some science.  We will have our nature of the elements experiments out after the Creation Story.

Thank you for your support of our J.G.B reading program.  We really had some wonderful discussions based on our first story.  We will continue this program monthly.

Our class is now 20 students.  We welcome Sarah Oberting, a third year student, back to our program. She is included in the school directory that you received last week.

Happy fall,

-Julie and Kristi


Science Experiments- Any time!    

Friday, Oct. 22- Staff Development Day- no school.

Wed. or Thurs. Oct. 27 or Oct. 28 – Class and Individual School Pictures. We will inform you when we know which day is ours.

Friday, Oct. 29 and Monday, Nov 1- no school …Parent /Teacher  Conference Days

Thursday, November 11- Veteran’s Day- No School

Thursday, November 18- Field Trip- Henry Hudson Planetarium  more info. to come

Note- When we have no school on a Friday, pizza day is changed to the Thursday.