Oct 21, 2010

October 21, 2010

Dear Parents,

After much work and many lessons having to do with Mother Earth, we have finally reached the continent of Africa. If you have any books, artifacts or materials pertaining to this continent, (specifically Egypt) we would appreciate them. We will continue our journey until the end of December.

We had a wonderful presentation given by Diata Diata on Monday. We experienced African dance, drumming, and storytelling….maybe you were able to see us on News Channel 13 Monday evening!

You may have already received a note from Natasha Bang explaining our plans for our Halloween celebration. If you haven’t, we will be having a simple celebration on Thursday, October 28th at 9:30am. In the past we have had crafts, stories, treats and more. If you would like to come in and be crafty or tell a story, let us know. Just send me a note to let me know what you would like to do. Oh, and no costumes please!!

One more request……….we will be celebrating Diwali on Friday, November 5. Sonalee Hardiker is our main contact if you would like to help her organize this event. Her e-mail is sonaleeh@yahoo and her cell number is 791-3641.

We’ve got a lot going on!

We will wait to cover Ff  for next week. We need more time with Ee!

Remember that Friday is a Staff Day! We’ll be back in the classroom on Monday.

Have a nice weekend,

Liz and Kristen