Oct 21

Up beyond the Night Sky, anUp beyond the Night Sky, an Indigo darkness like Velvet Embraces the farthest Reaches of the mind Sun, mom, stars Everything Yesterday, the children heard a story about the Formation of the Earth. This story is the first of the Five “Great Lessons” which are the foundation of the Montessori Elementary curriculum. In the story the children traveled through the dark and cold of space, to the time, billions of years ago, when the earth came into being. The story was accompanied by simple science demonstrations which illustrate the properties of the three states of matter. The children will now conduct more experiments which help them learn how solids, liquids and gases behave and are affected by heat and pressure. Our trip today to the Museum of Science and Technology enhanced our understanding of matter. First we saw the “Molecularium” movie in the award winning planetarium designed in partnership with RPI. Afterward, they saw demonstrations about the properties of matter. Finally, they created their own polymers which they have brought home to show you. Our exploration of chemistry and astronomy has begun with a bang. In fact, the whole week began with a bang because, on Monday, we saw and participated in, an outstanding performance of African drumming, dancing and storytelling by Diata Diata. The children have been writing about the experience ever since. They’ve used story webs to plan which parts of the performance they wanted to include in their writing. Look for pictures in the messenger and for the whole report in your child’s story journal. Here’s what Lauren had to report; “Today we saw an African Family. The boys drummed for us. A very kind boy also danced for us. The dad was funny, tall, nice and cool. Their hands moved fast and loud. The show was awesome. The costumes were pretty. The African group was from Congo and performed in the school’s gym where children from Primary, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary were there. “ Tomorrow is a professional development day so there is no school for the children. The teachers will be enjoying another Writer’s Workshop presentation and preparing for upcoming conferences. We are looking forward to talking with you at conferences. Sandy & Olga