October 25

News from Maryann and Ann’s Class                  October 25, 2010


Today we had a lesson on centrifugal and centripetal force.  We talked about how these two forces prevent the collision of celestial bodies.  The children experimented with these forces by filling a bucket with water, and then swinging it over their heads.  Most often the water stayed in the bucket!

Homework:  Spelling study guides were in the Woodland Hill folders on Friday.  These guides were photo copies of the spelling workbook.  We are currently studying List 7.  Our challenge list is as follows:  Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.


Harcourt:  First years- I am a Butterfly, this selection is in the reader with the snowman on front 1-3  Second Years-Helping Out,  Third Years-Turtle Bay

Math Homework:  First and second years have an Addison-Wesely workbook in their bag.  Children should complete at least 5 pages per week.  Mom and Dad should check their work.  If you feel a concept is particularly difficult, send the book in and I would be glad to give your child a lesson.  Third years have a homework folder with photo-copied pages from a third year workbook.  This week’s pages have to do with the multiplication.  Please return pages 43, 44, 45, 46 in the homework folder on Friday, October 15th. 

Writer’s Workshop:  We are planning our first author’s tea.  It will be held on Thursday, November 18th and Friday, November 19th.  More details to follow.

Field Trip:  We are off to Berkshire Botanical Gardens on Thursday to participate in the program, “ Traditional Medicinals and Herbal Delights Year Round.”


Picture Day:  Our picture day is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon before lunch.  Tuck a brush in your child’s bag if you want, and a casual pair of clothes to change into for lunch and recess.

Conferences are scheduled for Friday, October 29th and Monday, November 1st.  There is no school on these days.