Nov. 12

November 10, 2010

Dear 5th Parents,

It’s Autobiography time!  Today, I met with 5th year students and talked with them about their year long project. 

Research and Written Work (November- May):

Autobiography lessons and assignments will be given on a Thursday, and will also be due on a Thursday.  This is an at home writing project; students will write their chapters at home and bring them in for nurturing, peer conferencing, editing, and publishing. I will be sending home a calendar of assignments on a month-to- month basis and a rubric, so that you and your child can keep track of assignments, expectations, and due dates.    

 The Autobiography consists of six (6) chapters.  Each chapter takes about 4 weeks to complete.  I generally allow at least two (2) weeks to research and write each chapter at home, another week to conference and to edit at school, and another week to revise and turn in a finished chapter.  Students should keep their work (rough drafts, notes) in the autobiography folder that was provided to them to keep track of their work. 

**Rough drafts need to be double-spaced, typed and printed out at home, using a Times New Roman or Arial size 14 font.   All work should be saved to a flashdriveand be brought to and from school and home.  If there is any time during the work cycle, students will be able to revise their work and turn it in.


Important!!  If you need to assist your child with typing, please DO NOT correct their work! 


Assignment Number # 1:  Due Monday November 29, 2011

 Chapter #1 Directions are in your child’s folder.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this writing project.