November 16

Hi Everyone,  

It was great to see so many of you at Parent/Child Night last week.  It is a wonderful time for me to observe the children in action.  They impress me so much with their enthusiasm for learning.  Parent/Child Night is one of my favorite events because it validates that the children know their lessons and are eager to share them with you.  I saw many expressions of approval and lots of “wows” uttered as your children were sharing their work.  Thanks for coming.  If you were unable to attend, please feel free to schedule a time to stop in after school with your child and see some of their work. 

  “One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.
 Maria Montessori


Our Field Trip to the Planetarium is on Thursday.  I have many parents who have offered to be chaperones: Cheryl B. Jenn, Sarah, Carla, Cheryl L. Katie, Dan and

 Ann Marie.  Please consider this as your confirmation.  The bus will leave WHMS @ 9:10 and return at 11:30. Please arrive on time.  If you would like to meet us at the Planetarium in Albany that is fine, just let me know ahead of time.  I prefer that all the children take the bus both ways with their class. 

If you were a question mark about chaperoning, let me know before Thursday morning if you will or will not be joining us.  With this trip I did not paid for the chaperones so ….. the sky’s the limit. 

We read another JGB story this week.  The first year group read, The Mouse and the Wizard, The second year group read, Squirrel Nutkin, and the third year group read The Man whose Trade was Tricks.  Please help your child prepare for their lesson on Friday, by re-reading the story and preparing a question for the discussions.

The strategies and communication skills connected with the JGB program are terrific tools for enhancing Language Art skills.  We will have our discussions on Friday, Nov. 19th.

Our new science unit is the solar system.  Kristi will be teaching the lessons of the sun, moon, stars, planets, and universe.  Look for your child’s discussions about science begin to change to the night sky!

Our Writer’s Workshop lessons are taking a look at Pattern Books.  We are listening to story books in which authors use patterns in their writing.  We are recognizing simple patterns and will move to more discrete or complex patterns.  We will be publishing a number pattern book as a class.  It will be for our sister school in Tanzania, Africa.  The children will be writing it in the reverse style of the book, Moja means one, by Muriel Feelings. 

Many of the children completed the Nov. HW project of writing a book report.  We will be sharing them in class on Monday and Tuesday, November 22 and 23. So if your child is still reading, you still have time to work!

Look in Friday Folders for information about our December HW project, The African Animal Diorama and Report!

Have a nice day.

We will see many of you on Thursday.

  Julie and Kristi