November 19

Dear Parents,

We are SO EXCITED that our feast is only days away!!  The children have been practicing every day on a song we want to share with all of you prior to the feast, a yearly tradition in our room.  We hope to be festive the morning of by wearing semi traditional African headdress (as traditional as our classroom collections allow J ) and we would love for you to do the same.  Soooo….I ask that you PLEASE come wearing some style of African headpiece to our Thanksgiving Feast.  The girls will have colorful head ties on to show our African studies and the boys will be wearing a style of the small fitting hats…both based off a chapter book we were previously reading about a young girl and her family that lived in Africa.  I leave the creativity up to you!!!!   

Our winter concert is also approaching fast and we need some help with our giraffe costume.  I would like everyone to please send in 2 toilet paper tubes with your child (for our giraffe horns).   If you have extras you can send in …that would be very helpful, just to ensure we have plenty.  Thank you!!

The nice part is…Primary homework might be quirky…but it’s always easy!!  Toilet paper tubes and some type of cloth to wrap your head in for next Tuesday!!!  J 

Some of the class helped Amanda make cardamom fudge for our feast (an African dessert) on Thursday and the rest of the children will be helping to make our own African style ice cream on Monday…cinnamon coconut ice cream and mango ice cream!!    Don’t be surprised if you see some of us eating the “traditional African way” at our Feast…with our fingers!!  We have been talking about that since our chapter book, Ana Hibiscus. 


We also just got a second guinea pig this Friday to give Fival some company.  His name is Squeakers.  We are all very excited to hold him today!!  He is from a house with NO children…so we are trying our best to be quiet around him, until he gets used to us.  He is a tri colored guinea pigs which the children find very “cool!”.

I will not be sending a newsletter next week….but I want to thank you all in advance for making our Thanksgiving Feast so memorable…as I am sure it will be.  It is a tradition that I get excited for every year and the children can’t wait to show you their hard work on their Zulu song.   I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and a restful break!!  


  • There will be NO show and tell for the week of November 22, 2010. We will resume our show and tell pictures with “h” the week after Thanksgiving.  We have sent home extra show and tell papers with the children that are missing some of the sounds.  We have written the missing sounds on the back of the paper.  We would LOVE your help over the break catching your children up with their show and tell pictures. 
  • November 23rd is our Thanksgiving Feast at 12:00!!  We have a full zebra skin to share with the class on Tuesday!!  I will be laying that out (and hopefully some other treasures) Monday night to surprise the children Tuesday morning.  Please bring any wall art, etc that you would like to share in by Monday so I can decorate the room accordingly. 
  • No child is responsible for snack the week of November 22, 2010. Dhev will be responsible for snack as well as 3 pomegranates for food preparation when we return from our Thanksgiving break, the week of November 29, 2010. 


Cassandre & Lourdes