November 29

News from Maryann and Ann’s Class November 29, 2010 Our Author’s Tea was a big success. Thank you to all who attended. I’ve photocopied all of the children’s books so that we may read them again and again at school. The originals will come home this Friday. The children had such a good time preparing for our Thanksgiving “dinner”. We made whole wheat bread from scratch. (The children liked kneading the dough the best.) We also made vegetable soup and butter. In addition to baking and cooking on Monday and Tuesday last week, the children made Zulu Beadwork and Egyptian Name Scrolls. Homework: Spelling study guides were in the Woodland Hill folders on Friday, November 19th. These guides were photo copies of the spelling workbook, as well as your child’s handwritten guide. We are currently studying List 11. Our challenge list is as follows: Hieroglypyh, Indian Ocean, equator. Harcourt: First years- Friends Forever, Follow up work: Let’s Write or Share a Song. Second Years-Johnny Appleseed, Follow up work: Vocabulary-Writing Connection: Why was frontier life difficult? Make a Chart or complete an Apple Book. Third Years-Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Follow up work: Bubble Map depicting at least 5 facts about dinosaurs. These assignments can be done at home or at school. Math Homework: First and second years Children should complete at least 5 pages per week. Mom and Dad should check their work. If you feel a concept is particularly difficult, send the book in and I would be glad to give your child a lesson. Third years have a homework folder with photo-copied pages from a third year workbook. This week’s pages have to do with the division. Return in the homework folder on Friday, December 3rd. Memorize multiplication facts of 7. Field Trip: We plan to visit the Berkshire Museum on Thursday, December 9th for a workshop on Math. While we are there we will see the Festival of Trees. Details will follow soon. We need volunteers to help make math games for students to bring home and play in lieu of workbook pages. We plan to make these over the holiday break. Let us know if you can help. December’s Optional Monthly Homework: Create an African diorama.