Dec 10

December 10, 2010

Dear Parents,

The only homework that I am assigning for this upcoming weekend is to concentrate on finishing up projects that are due for next week. 

This is the schedule for next week:

Monday:  Simple Machine presentations

            Students will be expected to give a 5-10 minute on their simple machine, and    be able to demonstrate how it works.  


Tuesday:  Logic/Geometry

            Students will receive lessons on logic.  In geometry, we will be exploring the

            5 Platonic Solids. 

Wednesday:  Featured Articles presentation at 11:00 am

            Parents are welcome to join their children as they present their finished                           work.

Thursday:  Logic and Board Game Day

          More logic.  Children are invited to bring in their puzzles and other board           games to share with their classmates.  

Friday:  Ancient Egyptian Day

          Dress up like a god/goddess/king/pharaoh.   Costumes should be made from     materials already in your home.  Use old sheets and cardboard.  Be creative and        have fun!  Students will be expected to give a brief presentation on their god.     No written work is required. 

**Optional:  Students are welcome to bring in an ancient Egyptian food (research on your own!) or a holiday-themed dessert for Friday!


Best Wishes,