Dec 17

Weekly Newsletter

Friday December 17, 2010

No guide, no teacher can divine the intimate needs of each pupil and the time of maturation necessary to each; but only leave the child free and all this will be revealed to us under the guidance of nature.   – Dr. Maria Montessori

Dear Parents,

            This week has been a very nice and quiet segueway to our holiday break.

            We worked on a couple of gifts for our parents. J We hope you like them.

            On Tuesday we celebrated Izzy 5th birthday with her Montessori birthday walk.  Happy Birthday Izzy!

            On Thursday we celebrated Manasa’s 5th birthday with her Montessori birthday walk.  Happy Birthday Maanu!

            For food prep this week, we made “winter bubbles” with cranapple juice and seltzer water. YUM!

            We recognized next week’s winter solstice by reading a couple books and having a couple of lively discussions.

            We have been “celebrating” the winter holiday of Christmas this week by lighting the advent wreath and reading traditional and fun Christmas stories. 

            Because of the cold temperatures we have been inside for recess for most of the week, so we treated ourselves to a couple of short holiday DVD’s.  Also, the coloring pages you may have seen come home are from our indoor recess times as well.

            Today we are making sugar cookies and will enjoy then together in the afternoon before we leave for vacation.

            A couple of notes from the office

            If you arrive to school later than carline (after 8:35), please walk your child to the classroom (not just the front door).  We may be in a special’s class.   Nancy may not be in the classroom and your child may be unable to read our note on the door as to where we are. Thank you.

            If you have any good photos from last week’s holiday show please email them to Catherine (

We wish you and yours a healthy and happy holiday break starting next Friday.  and a very happy New Year!  If we do not see you next week… we will see you in the 2011! 


                                                                                         Nancy & Ashley