January 6, 2011

                                                   January 7, 2011

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the land of the dinosaurs!  Our classroom is filled with prehistoric creatures and the children LOVE to role play in the morning as they discuss which dinosaurs theirs is going to eat for breakfast!  We are slowly learning the names of the dinosaurs and some of the traits of their bodies.   Brachiosaurus had nostrils on the TOP of its head and Dimetrodon had a great back-sail that was used to take in heat.  Although dinosaurs were very big we are learning that their eggs were very small.  Some were as small as a quarter, while others could be as big as a football. 

We have put a favorite color mixing work back on the shelf…our PlayDoh mixing work.  This time the children have a choice to mix 2 primary colors together to make a secondary color or they can mix all 3 primary colors together to create their own color wheel.  We will start our color wheels with paint next week.  We will also start some other paint works next week so the children can begin to understand color and color families before we begin our exploration of artists!!

 Sam Starzyk, a student at Bennington, has joined our classroom for her work study.  She is on a break between semesters and is joining us for her field work.  The children are very excited to have her in the classroom and they all hold their breath each day at lunch to see where she is going to sit!! J  We are happy to have her with us until mid February. 

We are sending home our calendar art for January…but there is a correction to be made.  I wrote Wine Social on January 21st at 6 pm (to take place at the Calyer’s house) but they have just recently had to cancel that due to a talk that will be held at school the same night.  The Social will be held another night at a date that has not been determined yet.  Stay tuned….!!!!!

We have started to learn another poem in Spanish, which is now our 3rd Spanish poem.  We recite one on colors, one about a little frog tail, and one about houses.  These are poems we learned last year so some of our classmates remember them.  We have been working on Spanish more in the classroom recently and plan to do much more in the next few months!!

The new Scholastic order will be due on Monday January 10th

Please feel free to send in anything related to art we are studying or dinosaur books, etc that you feel will be helpful to our room.  As a side note…for one of our future art projects…I would like your children to return with a bag of hair from all of the family hairbrushes!!  Once we collect enough hair…we will use this in an art project!!  


  • Show and tell pictures will start with “l” for the week of January 10, 2011.  
  • Olivia is responsible for snack,1 bouquet, and celery, cream cheese, and raisins for food preparation for the week of January 10, 2011.


Cassandre & Lourdes