Jan 11

Happy New Year Everyone!  

We started our week back by welcoming a new student to our class.  Frank Mendoca is a second year student and new to the Albany area.  His twin sister, Yolanda joins Sandy and Olga’s class. Our class is now 21 students.  We welcomed Frank and got reacquainted after break by doing Who Am I? stories about ourselves.  This activity is modeled after our zoology work.  Here’s one for you….I have two brothers. My favorite color is blue.  I have two pets.  I love reading and math. I’m a girl and I love animals!  Who Am I?     (Ava Bashant)   We took photographs of the children and will make the work into three part matching cards, picture, name and paragraph. The children will love this work and will get to know each other a bit more.

            We are also learning about the concept of time lessons.  We counted out the year 2011 using the 1,000 and 100 chains and counted centuries using a BC/AD timeline. We will learn the meaning and derivations of the days of the week and months of the year.  We will also learn and practice telling time using an analog clock.  We will begin by making paper models of a clock.  Thanks to all of you for getting the photographs for our TL work together.  We will start making our personal timelines this week.

            We are ending our study of the continent of Africa by studying ancient Egypt.  This is a fun unit for the students and ties in with our cultural lessons of the Fundamental Needs of People as well as the TL of Writing. We will be studying the continent of Europe for the spring semester.

            The math games are a big hit.  I am getting a lot of positive feedback from the children. They are learning the system to be independent with checking the games in and out! 

            We are learning more grammar symbols and are beginning to symbolize simple sentences based on Montessori’s lessons.  The third year are working with conjunctions. They are also practicing using commas in sentences.  The second year students are practicing prepositions.  The first year are exploring adjectives. They made some wonderful charts comparing adjectives to the comparative and superlative form.   BIG,  BIGGER,  BIGGEST. It is a lot of fun.  Please let me know if you have any questions about our grammar curriculum.  This year we have a whole new skyscraper drawer system for our grammar lessons. 

            This week’s reading HW is JGB. (Junior Great Books)  Please read the story with your child, and write an “I wonder” question.  Due Date: Friday, 1/14.  The stories are:  1.  Imagination-Poetry Series

                                                                        2. How the Camel got its Hump

                                                                        3. The Fisherman and His Wife

See you soon,

-Julie and Kristi