January 14

January 14, 2011

Dear Parents,

Brrrrr…it sure is cold out there!  Please double-check your child’s bag in the morning to make sure that s/he has the appropriate cold-weather/snow gear to be able to go outdoors during recess, as it is expected that all children go outdoors every day if the temperature, including wind chill, is over 20 degrees F. 

Our book projects are coming along quite well.  Some children brought their writing journals home with them over the week, and I’ve sent them home again today to continue work on them over the long weekend.  The deadline to get these written, edited, revised and then re-written is tight, but I am confident that we can get it done.  Please remind your child to keep working on his or her story.  Stories should be at least 5 pages long, but no longer than 7 altogether.  If you have not already done so, please send in a school photo of your child for the front cover of this book.  Thank you!

Today we talked about the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr.  In addition to the other homework, I have asked each student to copy down and look up the meanings of the following words:  discrimination, segregation and integration.  We talked about the four colors of our skin, and then watched the classic 1968 experiment on discrimination (“blue-eyes” vs. “brown-eyes”) made famous by 3rd grade teacher Jane Elliot in “A Class Divided”. 

Have a peaceful weekend, Cindy


Total Math

Grade 4: (Caleb, Ben and Teddy)  Pages  67 and 68

Grade 5: (Alanna and Kelsey)  Total Math packet

Grade 5: 95, 96, 98, 99, 107, 108

Grade 6:  99, 100, 102-104

Spelling:  Unit 14

Autobiography:  Rough draft chapter 3 due Wednesday, 1/19

Senior Project:  Rough draft chapter 2 due Wednesday 1/19

Finish your stories~!