January 19


Dear Parents,

Brrrr….another cold week is making us all anxious for the “winter thaw”!  While the winter winds are still blowing, please remember to keep our bags stocked with warm hats and mittens.  The thin mittens and gloves get wet very quickly on the playground and the children complain of cold hands.  We go outside whenever the whether allows helping prevent cabin fever…both for the children and for us! J

We have some exciting new works in the classroom this week!  We have our own excavation site where we pretend to be paleontologists searching for new dinosaur bones.  We are realizing what a slow process it is to unearth the bones as we need to dig carefully so we don’t break any of our precious discoveries.  Once we find enough bones, we hope to construct a dinosaur…maybe a new one that has never been discovered!!  The children are already brainstorming names for their “find”….with names like bananasuarus!!!

We are also working on color mixing this week.  We have started making color wheels in the afternoon with the older children.  They use the primary colors in a multi-step work to create their own color wheel.  Through these wheels we are beginning to discuss primary, secondary, and tertiary colors as well as color families.  We have also started mixing white with colors (blue this week) to see what happens.  A solid color (blue) is added to the first of 3 frames and then more white to the next 2 frames to see the result of adding white to a color.  This work will be used repeatedly with a variety of colors….keeping white as a constant.

We read a great book about Martin Luther King Jr earlier in the week.  A group of friends was getting ready for the holiday at their school and only some of the friends knew who he was…so they taught the rest of their friends.  It gave a quick history of his family and the peace efforts that touched our Nation.  I hope everyone has a great holiday today and you have enjoyed the long weekend!!


  • Show and tell pictures will start with “m” for the week of January 17, 2011.  
  • Orin is responsible for snack,1 bouquet, and food preparation items for the week of January 17, 2011.


Cassandre & Lourdes