January 24

News from Maryann and Ann’s Class                                   January 24, 2011


Science Fair:  Our school wide science fair is March 25th at 6:00 in the gym.  This will be a fun night for children and parents to come together and learn more about the exciting world of science.  

     A typical Science Fair project requires six weeks of preparation so now is the time for your child to begin thinking about possible topics.  Lower elementary students will need help from their parents in all stages of the work.  A timetable for planning the science fair project  will be in the WHMS folders on Friday.

Spelling Homework:  Spelling study guides for lesson 17 were in the WHMS folder last Friday.  These guides are photo copies of the spelling workbook.     Our challenge list is as follows:  plastic, molten, solid, iron and nickel.  Please remind your child to study their spelling list.  We aim for 100% retention!

Junior Great Books:  This exciting program stresses the enjoyment of literature for its own sake.  At the same time, it develops comprehension, interpretive thinking, and oral and written language skills.  The children are encouraged to ask questions about the meaning of a story and to explore, support, and develop their own insights.  As our year progresses, I look forward to seeing the children become better able to raise thoughtful questions, offer reasons for their opinions, and listen to others’ ideas. 

Each unit in the Junior Great Books consists of an outstanding story and a series of interpretive activities.  The children will read the story with me in class, and complete an activity that emphasizes posing questions, taking note of their reactions, and sharing opinions and ideas.  At home, please help your child read the story, or read the story aloud to them. Encourage your child to talk about the story.  Ask them questions such as, “Why do you think this?” or, “Can you tell me more?”  

After you and your child have finished reading and discussing the story, you might help your child write down a few of his or her favorite words.  Doing so will help develop your child’s vocabulary and will enhance your shared pleasure in the beauty of the author’s language.

Reading Homework:  For all levels we will be reading and discussing the Junior Great Books selection, The Master Cat, by Charles Perrault.  Your child will bring home a photo copy of it.  While you read the story together,  have your child underline and mark with an F anything they think is funny, and an S anything they think is surprising.

Math HomeworkFirst and second years- Children should complete at least 5 pages per week.  Mom and Dad should check their work.  If you feel a concept is particularly difficult, send the book in and I will be glad to give your child a lesson. 

Third years have a homework folder with photo-copied pages from a third year workbook.  This week’s pages have to do with numeric and geometric patterns.  Return in the homework folder on Friday, January 28st.  Memorize multiplication facts of 9.