January 28

Dear Parents,

            It was some comfort to get a full week of school in this week with no snow days or delays. The sixth year students made charts showing the Pythagorean Theorem, the fifth years worked on measuring sets of angles and the fourth grade students were classifying quadrilaterals. The class participated in a group Power Point presentation on the Order of Operations. The mentor – mentee groups finished their punctuation research.

On Monday, January 31st Jake will be holding a Winter Olympic event with all the Upper Elementary students between 8:30 and 9:50 a.m. The events will take place in the gym.

On February 10th we will be celebrating Chinese New Year in our class. Christine’s mom, Haiyan, will be coming in to share some Chinese artifacts and some traditional refreshments.  

The Upper Elementary has also started a short research on the heart and heart disease. Please, see the outline in your child’s folder this week. This project is due on the 11th of February.

In case you are wondering, we will be doing the Valentine’s Day Lunch Exchange again this year instead of Valentine cards. This event, of which you will hear more about next week, will be on Monday, February 14th.


On February 18th Upper Elementary are going to see a production of Hamlet at Shakespeare and Co. in Lenox, MA. Permission slips will be sent out for this field trip next week. The class has gone to see one of these productions every year for the last ten years or so, with last year being the exception. We were unable to go because of scheduling conflicts. You can see clips from past performances of Shakespeare and Company’s New England Tour on their web site: www.Shakespeare.org  You can also find more about their current production.

The students continued work in the classroom on their Student Treasure books, and they have brought their work home to further their progress. The deadline for the finished project is February 28th. That’s the Monday after our President’s Week holiday.

Have a good weekend!


Andrew and Michele

Here are the homework assignments for January 28th – February 2nd.

Please work on your Student Treasure books. J

Due Monday are two pages from Spelling #16.

These Total Math pages are due by Wednesday:

4th year: pages 36, 72, 122, 170 and 189

 5th year:  You will need to check your child’s planner…sorry.

6th year: 28, 40, 65, 132, 133 and 181

Challenge Spelling list                                         January 28, 2011

1. congenital heart disease                                             2. aortic aneurysm

3. coronary                                                                   4. heart arrhythmia

5. rhythmic                                                                   6. innate

7. symptoms                                                                 8. bellyache

9. knowingly                                                                 10. envision

11. maimed                                                                  12. illustration

13. handkerchief                                                           14. vintage

15. ultramarine                                                  16. sanitary

17. dodecagon                                                             18. quarterback

19. versatile                                                                  20. refugee