January 28

Friday, January 28, 2011. Dear Parents, Finally! A full week of school! ;) We were busy this past week with more new works. We continued our sensorial journey with Leah’s homemade oobleck: cornstarch and water mixed in our water table for ooey gooey fun! We made cheerio and pretzel necklaces for food prep, and for our Shoebox Science experiment on nerves we used our sense of touch and dipped our fingers into hot and cold water, then switched to see if we could confuse our brain. We also learned about the central nervous system including our spinal cord and our brain, and that our senses send information through our nerves to different message areas of our brains. On Thursday morning, Angelica Parker, Isabela’s mom, who’s a public health nurse, came in to talk to us about the flu virus. She explained the spread of germs and how some microbes can be harmful to the cells in our body. We learned about washing our hands thoroughly and trying to keep our saliva and mucus to ourselves! Angelica then helped the children make microbes (smiley painted styrofoam balls) of their own, that the children decided to make “good” or “bad” viruses with special properties that could either help or harm your body. Make sure to ask your child what their microbe does! THANK YOU for the fantastic lesson, Angelica!  We have been enjoying playing in the snow at recess. However, we’re coming in from the outdoors quite WET! Please make sure your child has WATERPROOF boots, snowpants and mittens for outdoor play. Extra pants and socks to leave in their cubby would be helpful as well. Our Kindergarteners have started practicing for their Pinning Ceremony next Friday, February 4th at 9:30a.m. We hope to see our Kindergarten families for the LE Informational Breakfast and Pinning next Friday! The sound of the week next week is “O”. Please send an item beginning with the sound “O” to school on Monday. Items will be returned the following week. As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call us at school or email: vang@woodlandhill.org or lwalsh@woodlandhill.org. Have a great weekend! Smiles , Valerie & Leah