January 30

Dear Parents,

            After last week’s craziness…(No School Monday- MLK day; snow day Tuesday; 2 hour delay Wednesday and Friday)… it was nice to get back into a regular routine this week and actually be IN school for 5 straight days!  And….

            It is becoming a little “rocky” in our classroom… we have offically begun our mid-winter study of rocks and minerals.  The children are VERY excited by the study! 4 children have brought in their special rocks from home and are busy researching them in our reference books.  Next week we are going to grow several different kinds of crystals. 

            This week we celebrated Matthew and Tristan’s birthday’s with their Montessori Birthday walks.  Happy 5th birthday Matthew! Happy 6th birthday Tristan!

            We have been busy in Writing Workshop… look for an invitation to An Author’s Gathering before our Winter Break in February. J  It is likely that we will make something yummy for our gathering.  We are also going to create a classroom book that will be professionally printed.  We will let you know more details in the coming weeks and how you can order a copy if you’d like.  Maybe we will send home a “sample” page or two?

Just a reminder: we go outside everyday (temperature permitting) —  please make sure your child has

warm coat, snowpants, snow boots, water-proof mittens & a hat

to wear to play in.

On Monday February 14, we will have a small classroom celebration/gathering in recognition of Valentine’s Day. We have attached a note requesting food items for our in-class celebration, and a note about how we exchange cards and how to help your child to prepare cards to share.  If you have any questions about our gathering please do not hesitate to ask.

 As always, if you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 283.5400 or nhillengas@nycap.rr.com or aciccone@woodlandhill.org . We will get back to you as soon as possible. ! 


                                                                                         Nancy & Ashley