Feb 1

News from Maryann and Ann’s Class                  February 1, 2011


Welcome to our snowy week!    I will be out on Friday, January 4th and Monday, January 7th visiting my son, Gabriel,  in Washington, D.C.  He is deployed to Andrew’s Air Force Base as a flight medic. We haven’t seen him in three months and very much look forward to our reunion. 

Homework:  Spelling study guides were in the Woodland Hill folders on Friday, January 28th.  These guides were photo copies of the spelling workbook.  We are currently studying List 18.  The challenge words this week are equilateral, units, preposition, minerals and diamond.


Harcourt:  Blue Readers- My Robot, by Eve Bunting.   This story is in the 1-4 reader.  (the one with the swan and the cygnet on it)  Please review the words in yellow.

Junior Great Books:  For all Students, The Red Balloon, by Albert Lamorisse.  Follow up Work:  Read the story together.  Discuss the three questions that appear in the margins.  First and Second year students may write their responses if they feel inclined, but they should be ready to participate in a class discussion of the story if they choose not to write their responses.  Third year students should write their responses in pencil on lined paper.  Responses should be at least three sentences in length.   

Children may choose to do the follow up work at home or in school.  Follow up work is due on Thursday.  . 

Math Homework:  First and second years:  Children should complete at least 5 pages per week.  Mom and Dad should check their work.  If you feel a concept is particularly difficult, send the book in and I would be glad to give your child a lesson.   First year students are currently working on division with the stamp game and multiplication with the bead bars.  Second year students are currently working on multiplication with the bead frame. Third year students are currently learning long division.  Third years have a homework folder with photo-copied pages from a workbook.  This week’s pages have to do with patterns in multiplication.  Please return pages in the homework folder on Friday, February 4th.  Memorize multiplication facts through 9.


The lower elementary students are going on a Field Trip to The Egg on February 14th to see Let’s Go Science Show at 10:15.  This show is a wacky look at “how things work” with Professor Smart and Ms. Knowitall.  These two legends of the circus, make this one science lesson that students won’t want to miss.  The show will cover States of Matter, Sir Isaac Newton and Gravity, Air Pressure and Propulsion, Levers and Fulcrums, Gyroscopic Properties, Static Electricity and more.  Permission slips will be in the WHMS folder on Friday, February 4th.