Feb 4


February 4, 2011

Hello all,

Here are a few reminders:

Our Valentine’s Lunch Exchange is coming soon!!! You should find the questionnaire of the child you will be making lunch for in the folders today.

We still need shoeboxes! Please send one (or two if you have extra) so we can finish our mailboxes.

We will also be having a Valentine exchange. Have 20 valentines ready to distribute that day as well.

We are going to begin a new journey next week, but through the body! If you have any materials, books, etc. you are welcome to share.

Next week we continue with the sound Pp-keep those items coming!

We have placed the Kindergarten pin boxes in the bags if you did not already take them home today.Congrats K’s!!!!

Have a nice weekend, no more snow…PLEASE….

Liz and Kristen