Feb 6

Dear Parents,

This week has gone by sllloooowwlly… L .  Everyone in our class has been getting sick.  Hopefully this weekend gives us all a chance to rest and feel better.  We miss seeing all of you and hope the streak is done running its course in our room.

  Please see the bottom of the newsletter for a note about our upcoming Valentine Day celebration!!


Scholastic is coming home with the children and we would like any orders and checks to come back in on Monday.  Please return the orders and the checks in your child’s folder along with their show and tells.  Thank you to all of you who have been helping your children catch up on their missing letters for their alphabet books!!

Friday afternoon we discussed a homework project for this weekend.  We would like the children to bring in magazines or catalogs that we can keep to cut up.  Newspapers will work as well but magazines and catalogs are preferred since the pictures are glossy and will lend themselves better to some of the projects we have in mind.  Thank you in advance!!!

Congratulations to the Kindergarteners!!  We had a pinning ceremony on Friday to recognize our Kindergartners and all the wonderful things they have achieved thus far J.  They did a great job in the ceremony singing the two songs and we are very proud of them.  Our Kindergartens are Juan Ampuero, Orin Carlson Lee, Amar Cintron,  Emily Lakhani,  Natalie Mandel, Ryan Pantano, Simone Schwarz-Eise,  Kabir Singh.  Both Juan and Kabir missed the ceremony but we had them with us in our hearts J. Congratulations everyone!!!


  • Show and tell pictures will start with “p” for the week of Febraury 7, 2011.  
  • Samuel is responsible for snack and 1 bouquet of flowers.
  • Valentines Day is NEXT Monday, the 14th. If your child would like to bring in Valentine cards for their friends please make sure to send them in with 21 cards and DO NOT address them to each friend. Please just have them sign their name so we can have the children distribute the cards to each Valentine bag next week. 
  • As a treat for this Valentine’s Day we would like all of the children to bring 2 dozen cookies in to school in a container.  We will share a few after lunch on the 14th and then do a cookie exchange and send everyone home with a variety for treats to share at home for Valentine’s Day!! 


Cassandre & Lourdes