Feb 11

Dear Parents,
I would like to thank Christine’s mother, Haiyan, for coming into the classroom on Thursday to present such great information about the Chinese New Year to the class. She also told the children stories, showed them artifacts and made dumplings for all! Some of the children dressed up in authentic Chinese silk clothing which looked ever so beautiful on them. Haiyan, generously gave the class gifts of a lovely Chinese calendar and two books of Chinese paintings. What treasures! 

There is no Spelling or Math homework this weekend.


Andrew and Michele

Student Treasure Books

Take Student Treasure packet home to work on writing and or draft of art work: Kaley,

Carrie, Chloe, Grace, Rowan, Sandeep, Brian, Connor, Zoe 

  • Please be very careful with the packets. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.
  • Use pen provided to you for the final draft.
  • Do not use white out if you make a mistake. Do not cross out mistakes.
  • Be as consistent as you can with your handwriting. Do not continue writing if your hand is too tired.
  • Make drafts of your art work on separate paper not on your galleys.


Finish or expand your written drafts by Monday and work on drafting your art work and illustrations: Aniella, Kayleen, Caroline, Christine, Nicole, Jason, and Cameron

Aidan, expand and edit your draft. Work on illustrations and artwork.

Claire, edit your poems and draft your artwork and illustrations.

German, type up the full draft of your story for Monday if possible.

  • The final book is to be composed of seven written pages and seven pages of color illustration, art work and or illuminated text.
  • Each hand written page is made up of twenty-four lines
  • Not every line needs to have text on it but neither do you want great expanses of open space.


Take your drafts home and bring everything back on Monday without fail.


  • Any Heart Project work that you need to hand in.


  • Parents- please check your child’s bag for their Valentine Lunch Exchange recipient.  If your child will be absent or does not have lunch prepared for their classmate, please let us know as soon as possible.  This way, we will be able to prepare a lunch for that child.
  • Carefully decorate and prepare Valentine Day Lunch Exchange for your classmate.