Feb 11

Dear Parents,

Here is this week’s homework:

Spelling:  Unit 18, which is a review.  Do the first 4 pages.  Quiz on Thursday!

Total Math:  Graphing  due Wednesday

Grade 4:  pages 145, 146 and 147

Grade 5 (decimals) p. 134 and graphing pages 212, 213, 214

Grade 6 (graphing) pages 226-231

Grade 5 Autobiography:  Rough draft Chapter 4 is due on Thursday

Grade 6: Senior Project Rough draft Chapter 3 is due on Wednesday

Novel Study:  Please finish your novel study book between now and the end of Winter Break.  This gives you 2 weeks to finish up your reading.  We will continue to work on the character maps during classtime on Tuesdays.

Book projects are almost finished.  One more week. 

Thank you to all students who turned in their Heart Research on time.   Papers will be returned next week and go right into the work portfolios.

REMINDERTHE ANNUAL VALENTINE’S LUNCH is on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14!  For those of you who are new to this, the Valentine’s Lunch is a student lunch exchange.  On Thursday, each child pulled a “secret valentine”  and brought home a lunch menu.  Your child (with your assistance!) will shop and prepare the lunch according to the secret valentine’s wishes.  Please put the lunch into a special valentine box or bag (a shoebox covered with foil or other wrapping paper and decorated with hearts is always a hit in the classroom) and then bring it in, in a plastic bag to conceal the identity.  Lunches will be brought out at lunchtime, where each student will try and guess their valentine.  It’s a fun day and the students love it.  Some students bring in valentine cards, but not all do.  We do ask that if your child would like to share valentines with the class, to please be sure to include everyone.  There are 14 students total in the classroom. 

***Please let me know ASAP if your child will not be able to come in on Monday so that I can make sure everyone has a lunch!!!

Thanks and have a great weekend!