Feb 11

Dear Parents,

Wow, another full week of school without any snow disruptions!  Could Spring be looming around the corner?  On Monday we used our sense of smell to match different spices in a popular Sensorial lesson, then read the book “The Holes in Our Nose” by Genichiro Yagyu.  We even ventured into “booger” territory and learned that they are made up of bits of dirt in the air mixed with the mucus in our noses (this was met with a resounding “EWWWW!!!  YUCK!!”)  It was a very interesting lesson J  On Tuesday Alex P. was eager to share some of his favorite food: Olives!  We compared the size, shape, smell and finally TASTE of black and green calamatta olives, then took a vote to see which the class preferred: 3 students liked green, 6 liked black and an overwhelming 10 children claimed they did not like olives one bit!  True to form, Alex P. said he loved both kinds of olives and asked for seconds J  Thanks for sharing, Alex! 

Our Shoebox Science work this week was assembling the parts of a clock and learning to tell the o’clocks.  On Friday we did a group food prep and made oatmeal cookies.  YUM!  On Friday afternoon, Nasrene Yadegardi-Lewis, Rhys’s mom who is a pediatrician, came to give the older children a lesson on nutrition and the food pyramid.  She read a couple of great books and brought material for sorting various foods into the categories of the pyramid.  Thank you so much for coming and sharing a great lesson, Nasrene!

We have also been working on decorating our Valentine’s bags to keep our cards in this coming Monday, February 14th.  Please don’t forget to send your child with 21 unaddressed Valentine cards to share with the class!  (Feel free to send 22 in case one gets lost in your own child’s bag J).  We are asking our Kindergarteners to bring in the following items to share:

Abby & Alex – 2 dozen small paper plates & 2 dozen small napkins (of Valentine’s theme or color) 

Alison – 2 red peppers, thinnly sliced

Bashir – bag of mini bagels

Charlie - 1 pkg. of cream cheese

Danny – 1 bunch of red seedless grapes

Gabrielle – 1 dozen Valentine’s treats (can be store-bought cookies, mini muffins, doughnut holes, etc.)

Gavin – 1 dozen Valentine’s treats (can be store-bought cookies, mini muffins, doughnut holes, etc.)

Isabela – strawberries & cream

THANK YOU in advance!

The sound of the week next week is “P”.  Please send an item beginning with the sound “P” to school on Tuesday.  Items will be returned the following week.

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call us at school or email: vang@woodlandhill.org or lwalsh@woodlandhill.org

Have a great weekend!

Smiles J,

Valerie & Leah