March 1

News from Maryann and Ann’s Class March 1, 2011 Science Fair: The science fair is March 25th at 6:00. We hope your plans for a project are well under way. There are some wonderful resources available in our classroom on loan from the Williamstown public library for project ideas. Your child may borrow one of these books, but please be mindful to return it when you are done with it. Spelling Homework: Spelling study guides for lesson 21 were in the WHMS folder the Friday before winter break. The challenge list is on the back of this guide. Please remind your child to study their spelling list at home. We aim for 100% retention! Reading Homework: For all levels we will be reading and discussing the Junior Great Books selection, The Other Side of the Hill, by Elizabeth Coatsworth. Your child will bring home a photo copy of it. When you read the story together, discuss the three questions that appear in the margin on pages 33, 36 and 40. Please have your child write their responses on lined paper in pencil. Students should write in complete sentences leaving a space between lines. This allows them to revise and edit their responses if necessary. The Junior Great Books selections encourage deep interpretive thinking about the story, and we want our student’s writing to reflect this depth. Math Homework: First and second years- Children should complete at least 5 pages per week. Mom and Dad should check their work. If you feel a concept is particularly difficult, send the book in and I will be glad to give your child a lesson. Third years have a homework folder with photo-copied pages from a third year workbook. We continue to work with number patterns. The work book pages involve interpreting patterns of multiples in table form.