March 4

As part of their study of the respiration system the students all got to test their lung capacity with our “homemade” spirometer. We also blew CO2 into a clear solution of limewater or calcium hydroxide. When we did so the liquid, now calcium carbonate, turned cloudy. We were able to clear up the now milky liquid by pouring white vinegar into it. Limewater can be made simply with Pickling Lime which can be found in the supermarket. The students finished the unit on respiration by studying for, and taking a quiz. Next week, and for the rest of the month of March the upper elementary will exploring the workings of the human nervous system. We will be sending out the Student Treasures books to be bound in about two weeks. Please help your child put the finishing touches on this project so that we can get the books organized to send off. Whether you are buying extra bound copies of the book or not, you still must fill out and return the form that we sent out to you in their packets. In Writer’s Workshop we have begun the Craft/Mentor Author Study. In essence this is about having the students find an author that they very much enjoy and exploring the writing of the author as well as finding out some biographical information about him or her. The student will eventually write a piece which attempts to capture the author’s style. In math, the students worked at various levels with Cartesian Coordinates. The children used a specially designed pegboard with an x and y axis marked on it to learn how to plot the coordinate pairs. Pegs or sticks are used to plot the coordinate pairs.The student can plot coordinates that mark squares or hexagons for example. The board is also equiped with sticks that enable us plot coordinates of a z axis by marking the sticks using small clips. This material allows us to plot the coordinates of vaious geometric solids. Having a foundation in coordinate geometry will be helpful to the students as we launch a study over the next few weeks into different types of graphing. Have a great weekend! Andrew and Michele Here are the homework assignments and next weeks challenge spelling words: Novel Study Reading pages assigned to be completed by Wednesday 3/9 Spelling Homework #19 first two pages Challenge List 3/8 Autobiography / Senior Project 3/10 * Student Treasures ASAP Total Math 4th 126,127,191,192, 5th 29, 32, 176,179 6th 105,184, 185,234 3/9 Challenge List Test on Friday 3/11 1. hemispheres 2. cerebellum 3.cuada equine 4. autonomic system 5. somatic system 6.cerebrum 7. amphitheater 8. Colosseum 9. mosaic 10. Minerva 11. Pompeii 12. Vesuvius