March 11

March 11, 2011
Dear Parents,


We have been very, very busy these past two weeks. As luck would have it, we have many miniature artists in our room. We have been recreating one of Monet’s lilypad masterpieces and VanGohg’s famous Starry Night painting. They are working tirelessly and their efforts are paying off!! The pieces look amazing so far!! We hope to see all of you at the GALA on April 1st!!

We have many new science works on the shelves the children have been using the past two weeks. They include some “magic” with pepper and soap and little fish and boats that we are moving across the water with rubbing alcohol. There is also a new magnetic work and an oil and water work that has to do with densities that we will concentrate on next week when we have a VERY exciting science experiment on circle. And we will bring home our own density experiments next week as well.

Next week is St. Patrick’s Day. We are working on making our own castle in the classroom so we can have a blarney stone hanging for next Thursday. We have learned that if we are able to kiss the blarney stone (which will be a little difficult to kiss) we will be blessed with the gift of blarney. We now know that is the gift to tell stories .

I have attached a GREEN list to the bottom of this newsletter for next Thursday. We would like your child to bring the requested item on Thursday so we can have a green celebration for St. Patrick’s Day. Also….please make sure your child wears GREEN…..or else Cassandre will be forced to pinch them all day!!!! 
• Show and tell pictures will start with “t” for the week of March 14, 2011.
• Amar is responsible for snack, 1 bouquet of flowers, and 1 box of tissues. No food preparation items are requested for this week.
• Parent-Teacher Conferences are March 18th and 21st. Make sure you call the front desk to schedule a conference time!!!
Cassandre & Lourdes


Ada – pickles (bread and butter pickles)
Aidyn – white grape juice
Amar – pickles (dill pickles)
Emily – green grapes
Emmy – kiwis
Emma – green grapes
Graham – cut broccoli and dip
Griffin – white grape juice
Isabella – green bread (?…if possible)
Juan – homemade brownies w/ green sprinkles
Kabir – green cookies
Louisa – green beans
Lucas – lettuce
Natalie – celery
Olivia – kiwi
Orin – green jello
Ryan – green apples
Samuel – green plates
Simone – green cups and napkins
Salila – olives