March 11

Hello Middle School parents,
A quick reminder that the evening Science Fair is rapidly approaching. Students will be displaying their projects here at WMHS at 6:00 pm. Projects are due prior to this, though. Students should be bringing in their finished tri-fold boards on Thursday, March 24. Accompanying their boards, students are also putting together a booklet/packet as well. Students received a rubric and a list of requirements for both the board and the packet in class 2 weeks ago. You can help your student by talking to them about their project and encouraging them to use the rubric to check over their work.
Thanks to everyone for buying supplies, driving your children around and encouraging their creativity and attention to detail. I am excited to see the finished projects and for the students to be able to show off their work two weeks from now.

Let me know if you have any questions, after you question you student, of course!