March 12

March 14, 2011

Dear Parents,

Please sign up for a parent teacher conference if you have not done so already. Meg at the front desk will be happy to pencil you in.

I am busy working on report cards this week, so there will be no afterschool help on Wednesday this week.

Almost everyone is done with their book project; hooray! I will be sending the books to the publisher on March 18th and your child will receive a complimentary copy of their hard covered book. If you would like to purchase additional copies, please check your child’s folder today for the ordering instructions. We started our new writer’s workshop unit today: punctuation. We looked at a variety of books that were specifically chosen for this lesson. We all used sticky notes to mark the punctuation that we found and their functions. The class favorites seem to be the em dash, colon, hyphen and ellipsis. We also started writing journal entries using a lot of punctuation. We will ultimately be publishing a piece for this unit using our new found love of punctuation. Stay tuned… (Ha-Ha! You have to love punctuation humor!)

We are also busy creating a beautiful mosaic mirror for the WHMS GALA Auction. To complement our study of Ancient Rome, we are each designing and gluing down a section of tile remnants on our elliptical mirror. Each UE class is making a mosaic mirror; however, each mirror is a different shape. It is already looking like a work of art!

We will be taking a field trip to the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology (CMOST) on March 22nd. Permission slips will follow shortly.