April 1


Happy April 1st. The children did a fantastic job presenting their Science Fair work and research to the class. Public presentations are such a valuable skill and the children did so well. It is so nice to be able to give them that opportunity. We learned so many amazing things and got to know the children’s interests much better.

This afternoon, we had a presentation about Iceland. We are studying Europe as you know, and Frank’s dad, David had a friend visiting from Iceland ! It was very nice for the children to hear about Iceland and learn about the similarities and differences between our customs and cultures.

One thing that was very interesting is their names. The sir name of a child is the father’s first name followed by either son or daughter.

For example, my name would be Julie Johndottis.( as my dad’s name is John) Frank’s name would be Frank Davidsson. The children enjoyed that fact. Thank you to David for bringing in his friend , Atli Gudmundsson, to talk to us.

We did not get to the Junior Great Books discussions today. We will plan to meet for our discussions on Monday.

BID HIGH BID OFTEN…. I think that’s the slogan for tonight’s Gala Auction. I, unfortunately, have a prior commitment and will not be available to attend. Kristi will be there. She worked on preparing our auction project with the children. It really is an awesome piece of artwork.

Enjoy the weekend,