April 1

We are beginning an in-depth study of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in our class that will culminate in the production of our play in May. The students will be studying the literature in depth as well as learning acting and production techniques. It is very important that the students understand the story first. For the past four weeks, as part of our history curriculum we have been studying Roman Civilization. Opportunities for integrating the literature study to the historical work have been abundant. The children have a basic understanding of some of the political and historical issues that come up in the play. We have read the story of “Tarquin”, the evil Rome king, that caused the Romans to distrust kingship. So when Caesar is offered a crown, many citizens of Rome felt that they might be betrayed by Caesar. Part of the great esteem that Romans had for Brutus during the time of Julius Caesar was rooted in part to the fact that the distant relative of Brutus, Brutus the Fool followed Tarquin as ruler of Rome and set it back on a more democratic course. The students also listened to a story about Julius Caesar when he crossed the river Rubicon that separated Gaul from Italy. When he crossed that boundary with his troops he set into motion a challenge to the established rule of Pompey. This is another important historically based theme that provides a backdrop of the play.

Journey Through the Human Body

This makes a good, inexpensive and educational outing for the family if you can stay away from the shops. In the past it has received positive reviews.

NewsChannel 13 and Saint Peter’s Hospital are once again teaming up to help you take a journey through the body.

This free two-day event takes place at the Colonie Center Mall on Friday and Saturday. It will run from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Attendees will find exhibits there designed to teach them about the human body and how to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Homework for the Week

Total Math 4: 185, 198, 202, 216, 124 Due Wednesday 4/4

Total Math 5: 60, 106, 145, 147, 182 Due Wednesday 4/4

Total Math 6: 49,58,140, 151,206 Due Tuesday 4/ 4

Spelling Lesson #23 first two pages due Monday 4/4

Challenge List for 4/8

1. Aprilis 2. etcetera 3.amphora 4. arena

5. league 6. gladiator 7. tribune 8. treacherous

9. petition 10. mettle 11. countenance 12. condemn

13. augment 14. betrayal 15. reverence