Normalizing in the Classroom

A month into the school year, the classrooms are buzzing with activity! Our classrooms are ‘normalizing,’ a term (translated from Italian) that Montessori used to describe when the students are productively working, with concentration and self-discipline. Students in a normalized classroom are able to socialize appropriately, make good work choices, and become absorbed in their work.

Normalization comes about when children follow a three step cycle of work:

Preparation: Preparation for an activity involves gathering together the necessary material to do the work. The movement and the thought involved in the preparation serves to focus the mind on the activity.

Concentration: The work that the child does engages the child in deep concentration. We all recognize this step as essential in helping children learn.

Rest: The third step is rest, which is characterized by a general feeling of satisfaction and well-being. In the third step, the child is putting away materials, perhaps talking with friends, and is satisfied and proud of himself.

We recognize this cycle as the normal work cycle in a Montessori environment, and one which I hope you can witness for yourself. We invite you to visit your child’s classroom. Please call Kris to schedule your appointment to come in. The Montessori environment is a very special place!