December 6

December 2, 2011

Dear Parents,

Welcome Back! We hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving Break. We have only 9 more days of school before our Winter Concert!! The children are busy practicing their songs. This year there is no theme to dress to…so just “concert” clothes for December 16th.  EVERYONE is invited to come watch the children perform at 10 am on December 16th so please mark your calendars. We will also have some snacks following the concert on the 16th. If anyone is interested in making homemade cookies for that occasion…let me know ! I will send out a snack list with next Friday’s newsletter.

**We have a few remaining dishes on top of our cubbies from the Feast. Please check to see if they belong to you!

Lourdes has brought in a new classroom pet. We do not know if it is a girl or boy…so IT goes by the name Lightning….it is a Northeastern slider turtle. She found him crossing the road near her home. The children enjoy watching him swim!!

We have been enjoying our new lessons in the Sensorial area this week. We have two new color lessons, pressure cylinders, geometric solids, and a fabric work that we sort by using the sense of touch (while blindfolded). We have also been working on a new language lesson in the afternoon. The children are learning about nouns. They know that a noun is a person, place, or thing and are working to find nouns in short phrases. We also just started working with articles as well.

Below are some of the Spanish poems we work on each morning at circle. The last one is a new one (added this week) and your children may not be familiar with it yet. I do not have the accents on my computer so this is very “bare basics” Spanish…I apologize for that.

• Show and tell pictures for next week should start with the letter “i”. Please use lowercase letters unless it is a proper noun.
• Aidan is responsible for snack and 1 bouquet of flowers for the week of December 5th. The food preparation items include 2 pomegranates. ** We do NOT need tissues!!

Cassandre & Lourdes
Our color poem:
Red is rojo
Green is verde
Blue, azul
Negro, black
Yellow, Amarillo
Purple is morado
Gray is gris
Brown, café

Colita De Rana:
Sana, sana colita de rana
Si no sanas hoy,
Sanaras manana

Little Frogtail
Heal, heal little frogtail
If it doesn’t heal today
It will heal tomorrow

Que Llueva!
Que llueva, que llueva
La vieja esta en la cueva
Los pajaritos cantan
Las nubes se levantan
Que si! Que no!
Que caiga un chaparron!

Let It Rain!
Let it rain! Let it rain!
The old woman is in the cave.
The little birds are all singing.
Rain is what the clouds are bringing.
Oh yes! Oh no!
Here comes the downpour!

Los Cinco Hermanitos
Este compro un huevito,
Este lo partio,
Este lo cocino,
Este le echo la sal,
Y este, picaro gordo, se lo comio.

Five Little Brothers
This little brother brought an egg,
This little brother made it crack,
This little brother cooked it up,
This little brother salts its back,
And this chubby little brother went gobble, gobble, gobble
Till it was all gone.