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waste free at WHMS

Recently our waste free committee at school met to discuss ways to make our school more friendly to the environment. Here is an article about other school’s efforts to make lunches with less waste. This is part of making Woodland Hill the best!


At the latest Heads of School conference, we were swept away by a wonderful leadership seminar entitled, The Music Paradigm. Maetro Roger Nierenberg, showed the effect of different styles of leadership in such an experiential and moving way. He took the string section of an orchestra, who were gathered together but had never played together […]

Heads of School Conference

Hello, I wanted to share information with you about the conference I went to on Wednesday and Thursday. I was appointed to the NYSAIS Board and spent the day on Wednesday in the Board meeting. We had some big issues to discuss, and it was interesting to see how the meeting was run and members […]

Normalizing in the Classroom

A month into the school year, the classrooms are buzzing with activity! Our classrooms are ‘normalizing,’ a term (translated from Italian) that Montessori used to describe when the students are productively working, with concentration and self-discipline. Students in a normalized classroom are able to socialize appropriately, make good work choices, and become absorbed in their […]

What a wonderful and very busy end of the school year we have had! The Spring Music Concert was the best ever and the graduation and Moving Up Ceremonies were excellent. In addition we had Into the Woods musical, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and the Middle School play, The Mouse that Roared. It is always a […]

Seven ways to love a child

Seven ways to love a child By Jennifer Rogers A tired working mother stood in the classroom doorway, ready to depart with her two sons. Separated in age by two years, the boys were as different in appearance as they were in temperament, but they were great kids. They enjoyed math and reading, laughed hard […]

Montessori Mafia

Please check out the WSJ article about the “Montessori Mafia”, so called because ..”Ironically, the Montessori educational approach might be the surest route to joining the creative elite, which are so overrepresented by the school’s alumni that one might suspect a Montessori Mafia: Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, videogame pioneer […]